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Supposed Site of the Roman Station ORREA (Site of) Orrea Revd [Reverend] Mr Liston
Mr D Hamilton
Mr P Gorrie
Roy's Antiquities
085 Extract from New Statistical Account.
"Chambers has shown in his Caledonia that the Roman station Orrea was situated at the confluence of the Tay and the Almond in this parish. The Roman road from Ardoch leads upon this station; and is again discovered on the opposite side of the Tay, a little above the parallel of the Almond"
No remains of this station are now to be seen, part of its site is planted with wood. The following extract is taken from General Roy's Military Antiquities,
"Here the Roman may have crossed the Tay, and the houses on the opposite bank are still called Rome. From so many concurring circumstances, but especially from the distance between it and Hurria (14 miles) corresponding so well with that assigned by Richard in his Itinerary, there seems to be sufficient ground to conclude that the ancient Bertha must have been the Orrea of the Romans."
Its site was pointed out by Mr Hamilton Berthapark. No traces of the Road between this station and Ardoch can be discovered for a considerable distance from Orrea.

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