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Strath More
Strath More
Revd [Reverend] J. B Baxter
Revd [Reverend] W. Mather
Mr James Caw
New Statistical Acct [Account]
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Johnstone's Co [County]
074 "Strathmore, or 'The Great Valley' the noble and far stretching band of low country which skirts the frontier mountain rampart of the highlands, is flanked along the hither side by the lennox, the Ochil, and the Sidlaw hills, and extends from the centre of the mainbed of Dumbartonshire to the German Ocean at Stonehaven. In this large sense it is exceedingly various in breadth, as well as in the features of strath-ground; and comprehends part of Stirlingshire, all Strathallan, most part of Strathearn, and all the How of Angus in Kincardinshire. But the strath is more popularly and limitedly regarded as consisting only of what is flanked by the Sidlaw hills, and as extending from Methven in Perthshire to a point a little north-east of Brechin in Forfarshire; and, in this view, it is somwhat uniform in breadth and feature, and belonging principally to Forfarshire, has been succinctly described in our notice of that county. This great district is, in the aggregate, remarKably beautiful and fertile; it contains numerous towns, villages, and elegant mansions; it is the seat of a great and industrious population; and it is now opened up by Railroad, and attracts throngs to survey its wealth of manufacures and of landscape. Strathmore gives the title of Earl to the noble family of Lyon; who before 1450, had the dignity of Baron Glammis, and in 1606 were created Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn, Viscount Lyon, Baron Tannadyce, Sidlaw and Stradichie"
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland.

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