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MANSE [parish-nr Denmarkfield] Manse
Revd [Reverend] W. Liston, Minister
J. Dobbie, Schoolmaster, Redgorton
Mr Lambie Bridgeton
085 A large old fashioned two storey house, with offices and ornamental ground attached; the houses are slated and, only in very middling repair, Residence of the Parish Minister.
Revd [Reverend] William Liston
Mrs Dubbie
Mr Robert Hamilston, Tent [Tenant]
085 A pretty, and large dwellinghouse recently built. three storeys high slated and in first-rate repair. The offices are situated a short distance to the north of the dwelling house, slated and in excellent repair Proprietor M. Graham Esqr. of Cultoquhey near Crieff
KING'S STONE (Sepulchral) King's Stone
King's Stone
King's Stone
King's Stone
Revd [Reverend] W. Liston
Mr Dubbie
Mr Hamilton
J. Stewart. Fourmile House
New Statistical Account P. [Page] 175 & 173
085 A Standing Stone, about 4 feet high, supposed to mark the grave of a Danish King, who fell at the Battle of Luncarty. It is near the West bank of the Tay & about 3½ miles from Perth

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Perthshire -- Ph [Parish] of Redgorton

Denmarkfield [note] See letter attached

Denmark Green [note] a wooded bank at the side of River opposite King Stone where it is said that the Danes crossed - see letter attached to this page - 22 June 1865

Standing Stone [note]
"The only remains of the famous battle now to be seen, the last of the tumuli being levelled two years ago, are the graves where
the Danish Generals and officers were buried, at the head of which there are larger stones still standing, and a house
lately inhabited, called to this day Denmark." Extract from Old Stat. [Statistical] Account Vol. [Volume] 15 P. [Page] 527

"But there is now no other memorials of the contest but two upright stones, one of which, about 4 feet high,
retains the name of Denmark." Extract from New Stat. [Statistical] Account of Perthshire P. [Page] 173

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