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Estate Plan
Mr R. Wright, Inspector of Poor Methven
Mr J. Sidey (Tenant)
Valuation Roll 1863
Valuation Roll for 1857-8
085 A large farmsteading dwelling house 2 storys with Suitable offices, all slated & in good repair The property of the Earl of Mansfield.
BALMBLAIR Balmblair Estate Plan
Valuation Roll 1863
Mr P. R. Drummond Tenant
Mr J. Dobbie Schoolmaster Redgorton
Valuation Roll for 1857-8
New Statistical Account
085 A large farmsteading dwelling house 2 storys with offices part one story & part two - all slated & in good repair. The property of The Earl of Mansfield.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Redgorton

It is stated in the New Statistical Account that "In 1789 there was found on the farm of Balmblair, at a place called the Dumbies Know, by
the side of a large stone, as many of Davids groats and half groats and Edwards pennies, as amounted to three pounds."
The situation or name of this Knowe is not known in the locality, and not one person in the neighbourhood can point out where the money was found. This is also the case with respect to most of the Cairns (stated in the New Statistical Account) to be in this parish, as they have been carefully looked after by the examiners.

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