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Thistle Bridge
Revd [Reverend] James Baxter
Mr James Caw
Mr Alexander Smith
New Statistical Account
086 A remarkable spot in the River Tay, when the breadth of the river becomes suddenly narrow by the protrusion of a bed of trap rock which crosses it at this place. There is a fishers Cot on the west bank of the river known by the same name.
"On the 4th June 1834, there were found under a large stone, close beside the Thistle Bridge, which is a rock of trap that crosses the Tay under the water, about 1500 coins of different reigns and dates. Of these 540 were dispersed among different individuals, of which no account can be now obtained; and 872 are in the possession of Mr. Greig, merchant in Perth, who holds them for sale." New Statistical Acct [Account]
There is no one in the locality who can point out the spot where these coins were found.

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Perthshire -- Parish of Redgorton

[note] This being a ledge of rock across the river Tay and over which the Tay flows it would mislead to write it Thistle Bridge on the Ordnance Plans; it is therefore written Thistlebridge in Stump character as it is a natural feature.

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