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Ordie Burn
Ordie Burn
the Ordie
the Ordie
Revd [Reverend] J.B. Baxter
Revd [Reverend] W. Mathers
Mr James Caw
New Statistical Acct [Account]
Fullarton's Gazetteer
085 A middling sized stream which issues from the Loch of Tullybelton, and after a course of several miles falls into Shocher Burn.
The Ordie, which rises in a small lake in the hill of Tullybelton, traverses the heart of the parish (Auchtergaven), receives in its course all the streams which have now been noticed imposes its name upon the largest district in the parish, (Auchtergaven) namely Strathord, and at last unites with the Shochie at Luncarty in the parish of Redgorton." New Statistical Acct [Account] Auchtergaven Ph [Parish]

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Perthshire -- Parish of Redgorton

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