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Site of CROMWELL'S CITADEL Site of Cromwell's Citadel
Site of Cromwell's Citadel
Cromwel's Fortifications
Cromwel's Citadel
The Citadel
Mr. Marshall
Mr. Thomson, Hospital Master
Plans of Perth 1774
Plans of Perth 1792
Peacock's Hist. [History] of Perth
098 [Situation] On the N.E. [North East] portion of the South Inch
This was a fortification or fort built by Cromwell in the year 1652. Although there are now no remains of it to be seen yet there are many old persons in the town who remember to have seen distinct traces of the ramparts. It was of a square form and had a bastion at each corner. It was surrounded by a high rampart of earth and outside of that a deep moat filled with water. It was almost close to the river and had a pier for loading and unloading stores
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