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MUCKART MILL (Corn & Flour) Muckart Mill (Corn & Flour)
Muckart Mill (Corn & Flour)
Muckart Mill (Corn & Flour)
Mill of Muckart
Archibald Young Occupier
John Drysdale Dollar
Joseph Martin Muckart
Stobies Co. [County] map
134 [Situation] In the South end of the parish close to the boundary An extensive Corn Mill situated on the banks of the Devon, about 2 miles south west from the Pool of Muckart, and driven by the Hole Burn. The property of Alexander Haig Esqre. of Blairhill.
John Allan Occupier
Val [Valuation] Roll 1858-59
Mr. Sinclair Schoolmaster
Stobie's Co. [County] map
134 [Situation] In the South end of the parish A farm steading consisting of a substantial dwellinghouse with convenient outhouses attatched.
VICAR'S BRIDGE Vicar's Bridge
Vicar's Bridge
Vicar's Bridge
Vicar's Bridge
Mr. Allan Boghall
Joseph Martin Muckart
William Christie Wester Caplawhead
John Drysdale Dollar
134 [Situation] On the boundary in the South end of the parish A plain substantial bridge of one arch spanning the Devon, about 2½ miles from the Village of Muckart. There is an inscription on it, as follows: "Sacred to the memory of Thomas Forrest the worthy Vicar of Dollar, who among other acts of benevolence built this bridge. He died a martyr A.D. [Anno Domini] 1538."

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Sheet 134 Plan 8 -- Traces 3, 4, & 5 Parish of Muckart

"The Vicar's Bridge is supposed to derive its name from an event that took place at
the Commencement of the Reformation. It was there where the vicar of Dollar who had
embraced the Protestant faith met with an untimely end from the hands of his persecutors" New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

"The vicar's Bridge leading from the north to the Coal at Blairingone said to be built by a Vicar who once lived
at Dollar but in what year is uncertain. It was widened 6 feet about 30 years ago." Old Stat. Acct. [[Statistical Account] Vol. [Volume] 18 p []

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