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Site of TOSACH CASTLE Tosach Castle
Tosach Castle
Tosach Castle
Cast [Castle] of Monzivaird
Revd. [Reverend] William Robertson.
Parish Manse, Monzievaird by Crieff
Sir Patrick
Keith Murray
Ochtertyre by
Mr. Peter
Mc.Crostie Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster
Monzievaird by Crieff
Johnstone's Co. [County] Map
095 The site of an ancient Castle formerly occupied by a family named Tosach; There is nothing on the ground to mark the spot where it stood. Tosach, was on one occasion a large proprietor in the parish of Monzievaird.
Sir William Murray the late proprietor of the Ochtertyre Estate caused the last tenant of this building to be removed. The field in which it stood is still known as Tosach's Park.
Dry Isle
Dry Isle
Dry Isle
Sir Patrick Keith Murray, Bart [Baronet]
Mr.Peter McCrostie
Mr. Hugh Millar, Factor to Sir Patrick Keith Murray,Ochtertyre,by Crieff
Statistical Account
095 A small peninsula on the north bank of Loch Monzievaird,on which stands the ruins of an ancient Castle.

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County of Perth, -- Parish of Monzievaird and Strowan
The most remarkable
ruin presently existing in these parishes
is an old Castle, situated on the north of the Loch of Monzievaird, on a peninsula, which, being
separated from the mainland by a very narrow isthmus, must in former times have been often converted
into an island, and approached only by a drawbridge, for the purposes of strength and security. *** Sir William
Murray, first Baronet of Ochtertyre, inhabited this Castle for some time about 1650, during the usurpation of Cromwell;
and the spot on which it stood, then received the name of Dry Isle.
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