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Skirlie Craig
Skirlie Craig
Revd. [Reverend] James Taylor Ph. [Parish] Manse, Monzie
Mr. John Laurie Assessor & Regr. [Registrar]
James Maxton Grahame Esqr. Cultoquhey
095 A Steep precipice, the top of which is formed of nearly an Upright Solid Rock of about 10 feet high, the rest of the Slope is composed of loose Stones and grass, the highest point (west end) is about 70 and the lowest (east end) about 30 feet. It forms a gully between it and the rising ground to the north.
INNERPEFFRAY CURLING POND Innerpeffray Curling Pond Capt. [Captain] Carey R.E. [Royal Engineers]- Note dated 5-5-66
Mr Kerr
108 A curling pond in a wood of the Same name

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Parish of Monzie

Capt. [Captain] Carey R. E. [Royal Engineers] Note dated 5.5.66
Mr Kerr

Pond described by Mr. Kerr Hill Sketcher - traces Sent to Capt [Captain] Carey - formal writer at Computing offices in
Abdn [Aberdeen] area around 7 May 1866

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