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Site of KINVAID CASTLE (Site of ) Kinvaid Castle
(Site of ) Kinvaid Castle
(Site of ) Kinvaid Castle
(Site of ) Kinvaid Castle
Revd. [Reverend] J. B. Baxter
Mr. George Porter
Mr. Robert Smith
New Statistical Account
085 The site of the ancient Castle, nothing is known regarding it further than what appears in the following extract from the New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
"Some years ago, a few vestiges remained of the old Castle of Kinvaid, which are now completely removed. The author of the last Statistical Account speaking of this ruin says, "it seems to have been built before lime was known as a cement," From Myln's history we learn that it was built by Bishop Brown, for the purpose of protecting his tenantry from the predatory incursions of some of their lawless neighbours, and cannot therefore be above 350 years old"

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