List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
FACTORY Factory Mr. Clarke
Mr. Watt, Factory Methven
Dr. [Doctor] Young Methven.
097 A long two storey house slated and in excellent repair. Dr. [Doctor] Young resided in this house for a considerable time during which he received letters addressed to the Factory.
PITTENCRUIVIE Pittencruivie Mr. Smythe
Mr. Clarke
Rent Roll
Val. [Valuation] Roll 1863-4
097 A few cottar houses situated in Methven, all slated and in good repair.
POST OFFICE Post office Mr. Smythe
Mr. Clarke
Mr. Gilbert Donaldson
P.O. [Post Office] Methven
097 A two storey house slated and in good repair. This is not a Money Order office. There is one arrival & one despatch daily, the former at 8 am, the latter 3 PM. Major office - Perth.

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Perthshire, Ph. [Parish] of Methven

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