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Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF METHVEN A.D. 1306 Supposed Site of the Battle of Methven (1306)

Supposed Site of the Battle of Methven (1306)
Supposed Site of the Battle of Methven (1306)
Revd. [Reverend] James Wilson
Mr David Young
Mr Thomas Bell
Mr Robert Wright
085 This names applies to where the Battle of Methven is said to have been fought in the year 1306 between Robert Bruce and the Earl of Pembroke, the former of whom, was defeated. Bruce is said to have been encamped in the "Den of Methven" when he was attacked by the Earl, but no trace of the camp can be pointed out by any of the inhabitants residing in the locality.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Methven

The Old Statistical Account of Scotland Vol [Volume] 10. P. [Page] 620 has the following relating to this battle.

"Soon after his Coronation, anno 1306, King Robert Bruce was defeated by the English troops,
under the Earl of Pembroke, near the Castle of Methven, and found himself deserted by most
of his army: After which he suffered the greatest difficulties and distresses".

It then quotes the following from Guthrie's Hist. [History] of Scotland, Vol [Volume] 2 page 177.

"Bruce, having had no time to discipline his men, had formed a camp at Methven, near
Perth, which was the head quarter of the English General; and there lay, upon the defensive,
well knowing the disadvantage he was under from his men not being disciplined. He had
already attempted to surprise Perth; but failing in his design, he had retired to Methven,
from whence he sent a challenge to the Earl to fight him. According to Barbour, and the
best historians, the challenge was accepted; but, on the night before the day appointed,
which was the 20th. July, while the Scots thought themselves secure, and were unprovided
for battle, they were attacked, and routed by their enemies, in the park of Methven".

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