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DEN OF METHVEN Den of Methven

Den of Methven
Den of Methven
Revd [Reverend] James Wilson
Mr David Young
Mr Alexander Baxter
Mr Robert Wright
085 This name applies to a ravine which extends for about forty chains south-east from the village of Methven and through which the Methven Burn flows. Its banks are in several places very steep and narrow, so much so, that they cannot be cultivated. It is said to have been in this ravine where the Earl of Pembroke first encountered King Robert Bruce's army at the battle of Methven, the latter of whom was surprised and defeated through not having outposts placed around his Camp. The Actual site or position of where the camp stood cannot be pointed our or identified by any one living in the locality. It is also celebrated as being the place where the Earl of Mar and the other disafected nobles met and planed the revolution of 1715, which meeting was ever afterwards known as the Caledonian Hunt. It is the property of W. Smythe Esqr. and Heritors of the parish.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Methven

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