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Parish of Lundie and Fowlis -- Sheet 76 No. 9 Trace 6

The church of Fowlis merits particular notice as a remarkable piece of ancient architecture. It
is 88 feet 10 Inches in length and 27 feet 9 inches in breadth and is built all of hewn stone. It is perfectly
entire without the least symptom of decay although it was built in the year 1142 during the time
of the crusades, as appears by an inscription on a large oak beam that supported the organ loft having
been erected in consequence of a vow made by the wife of one of the lords of this place that, " in case her hus-
band should return in safety from the holy wars She Should build and endow a church." It was made
Collegiate by Andrew the first Lord Gray who placed therein a provost and several freebends with suitable
endowments in the reign of James II. On the top of the east end of the gavel of Church there is a cross, in the church
yard there is another 8 foot high.

"Part of this inscription, "on the oak beam above refered," is still legible, viz, Hoc Templum Structum fuit
Anno Millesimo Centissimo Quadragessimo Secundo ab A. Gray. There are Several other remains of antiquity to
be seen here particularly a number of paintings upon a wainscot partition (which separates Lord Gray's burial
place from the church and is supposed to be equally ancient) representing our Saviour in various attitudes, the
Apostles with the insignia of their martyrdom, the Roman Centurion, &c. At the west end of the Church there are the remains
of a large font besides another without and a third within the door. About 20 years ago there stood in the east end of
the Church a large black oaK table, which went by the name of the altar. It was placed before a press in the wall
with an iron door. Upon these are representations of priests in their Sacerdotal robes, &c."
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 7 p. [page] 287-8
See also New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire p. [page] 466

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