List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
THE ROUNDIE The Roundie William Ready
John Mitchell
075 [Situation] In the NW. [North West] end of the parish.
The name applies to a small irregular and circular piece of Planting, close to White Hill & on the Littleton Farm.
GALLOWS KNOWE Gallows Knowe Mr. C. Hobson Lochton
David Thomson
Duncan Kennedy
075 [Situation] About 10 Chains S. [South] West of Lochton.
A small eminence a little to the west of the mansion house of Lochton, on which, in feudal times culprits were hanged - Two or Three Stone Coffins or Kistvaens were found here in 1859.

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Parish of Longforgan Co. [County] of Perth -- Sheet 75. No 11. -- Collected by Frederick Leete SRE [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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