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BALTHAYOCK CASTLE (Remains of) Balthayock Castle (Remains of) William Wedderspoon
Neil Reid
John McEwen
098 [Situation] In the Southern portion of Kinnoull (detd. [detached]).
This is the Remains of the Old Castle of Balthayock, which was the Seat of a branch of the ancient Family of Blair, and bears Marks of great Antiquity. The remains Consist of an Oblong Tower about fifty feet high, roofed and Overgrown with Ivy; the Walls are still entire & of Considerable thickness. It stands on the N.W. [North West] of a deep Glen Called Balthayock Den

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Parish of Kinnoull (Detd. [Detached] No.1) -- Sheet 98 No.7 Trace 6

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"At Balthayock the Seat of a branch of the ancient family of Blair are the remains of a castle bearing
marks of great antiquity and supposed to have belonged to the Knights Templars. It consists of an
oblong tower of about 50 feet in height and the sides 52 and 37 feet. The walls are still entire and
of prodigious thickness. Its position is very commanding cresting the top of a deep ravine which
the frowning mass as seen from the Carse of Gowrie appears to overhang. The present mansion
house of Balthayock which stands within a few feet of the tower had been built at differ-
ent periods and is of considerable antiquity. The more modern part bears the date 1578
while that to which it is attached is supposed to be of a date about two centuries earlier
There is nothing striking in the character of the edifice beyond the Substantialness which marks
buildings of that period." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire Page 938

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