List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LAW [Mains of Pittendriech] Billies Knowe
Billies Knowe
Billies Knowe
John Baillie Pittendriech
James Baillie Pittendriech
William Broddie
063 A small arable knoll on the lands of Pittendriech. Mr. John Baillie believes it to have been forced by art[ ]
as a great quantity of small loose round [ ]
were trenched from it when first
cultivated. And the name of the f[ield]
in which it is situated is called the
Law, would indicate it as being one of
the Ancient Court hillocks or Laws.
Upper Gothens
Upper Gothens
Upper Gothens
Upper Gothens
James McInvoy Occr. [Occupier]
Lease of farm
Val. [Valuation] Roll 1863
Mr. Crerar Sub. Factor Drumatherty
County Directory
063 A fine farm house and offices the property of the late Sir John McKenzie Bart. [Baronet] of Delvine
CARSIE MILL (Starch) Carsie Mill (Farina)
Carsie Mill (Farina)
Carsie Mill (Farina)
James McInvoy Occr. [Occupier]
Lease of Mill
Mr. Robertson
063 An old Corn Mill (disused) and immediately south is a large wooden Shed occupied as a starch or farina Mill. The property of the late Sir John McKenzie Esqr.
BRIDGE OF CARSIE Bridge of Carsie For Description & Authorities in Name Book for the adjoining parish

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[Notes to Law:]
[Under Name:]
[Initialled] JB Lt. Col [Lieutenant Colonel]

[Alongside last lines of description:]
This being so the writing of
this trivial name also
becomes unnecessary.
It commands a most extensive view, and is evidently the remains of one
of the chain of Laws running through Strathmore. [Initialled] JB Lt.Col [Lieutenant Colonel]

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