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O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Edinburgh
23rd. Jany '93 [January 1893]

My dear Colonel,
In enclose a letter I received
from Major Campbell R.E. [Royal Engineers] about
the name of his house in Perthshire.
I have written to him saying
that I would forward it to Head
Qrs. [Quarters]
Yours Sincerely,
(Sd [Signed])
C.A. Leahy

Send the usual answer: viz
that a note has been made of the
subject, and that it will be dealt
with when a revision of the Survey
Plans of the district takes place.
(Intd) [Initialled]
J.F. 25/1/93 [1893]

[In margin beside the above:]
26/1/93 [1893]
(Intd [Initialled])
J.R. Pn.S

Forwarded and these two notes can then be
accordingly sent to O.E. to be inserted in the
name book for the district.

[In margin beside the above:]
(Intd [Initialled])
26/1/93 [1893]

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