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MANSE [nr Blair Drummond] Manse (Ph.) [Parish]
Manse (Ph.) [Parish]
Mr. Ballingall
Mr. John Nicholson (Schoolmaster)
132 A handsome two-story dwelling-house, slated, and in good repair, Situated a short distance west from the Ph. [Parish] Church,
SKELETON OF A WHALE FOUND [nr. Blair Drummond] (Skeleton of a Whale)
(Skeleton of a Whale)
Mr. John Nicholson (Schoolmaster)
Mr. Ballingall
132 (Extract from the Statl. Acct. [Statistical Account])
A portion of a skeleton whale was found some years ago about a quarter of a mile from the manse, imbedded in the clay, which had formerly been covered with moss and lying on another stratum of moss below the clay, It is very remarkable that a small peice of a deer's horn with a hole bored in it was found along with the skeleton, of exactly the same description as a peice of a horn which Mr. Bald mentions as found with skeleton of the Airthrey Whale, now in the Edinburgh College Museum,

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County of Perth -- Parish of Kincardine

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See note on trace that is to be written on the Plan.

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