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MONCUR CASTLE (Ruins of) Moncur Castle John McLaren Factor
John Wright Rossie Priory
087 [Situation] Within a few chains of the east boundary of the parish.
The ruins of this castle are situated in a plantation near the S.E. [South East] extremity & within the domain of Rossie Priory, the outer walls are still entire but the interior & roof have been removed. It was the residence & property of the Moncur's of Moncur and was destroyed by fire in the 16th century, in the Archives of the Kinnaird's of Inchture it is mentioned as passing into the Kinnaird family by a marriage with the heiress of Moncur.

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Parish of Inchture -- Sheet 87. 8. Trace 2.

The only other antiquity of interest is the Castle of Moncur
which is said to have been destroyed by fire about the beginning
of last century and is now in ruins.

A late author quoting from the Annals of Ulster the most valuable of
the Irish Chronicles states that it was near this Castle during a
Civil war amongst the Picts that Hungus defeated Nectan 728 two years
before he slew Elpin at Pitlessie in the neighbouring parish of Liff
and became triumphant over every competitor for the throne.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 833.

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