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FOSSAWAY CHURCH (Site of) & GRAVE YARD Fossaway Church (Site of)
Fossaway Church (Site of)
Mr. Gentle Schoolmaster Crook of Devon
Dr. [Doctor] Young - Hallhill Cairnbo village
128 [Situation] In the southern end of the north portion of Fossaway
This is the Site of the ancient Church of Fossaway which was the Church of the parish b[efore] Reformation and Continued [so] untill about the year 1614 when Fossaway and Tulliebole became united. For a considerable period after they were united the churches of both were used, the minister officiating two Sabbaths in that of Fossaway and one Sabbath in that of Tulliebole. But in 1729 both were thrown down and a new church built for the united parish. From the rubbish or remains of the ruins of the church the Site or foundation Could Still be traced. The Church Yard is still used as a burial ground by some families in the parish

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