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RUINS* Greenneuk
(in ruins)
Duncan Forbes. John McLaren.
James Forbes.
128 This was at one time a Shepherds house, nothing remains but the outer wall It is on the property of Robert Scott Moncrieff
DOWN HILL Downhill
Easter Downhill
John McLaren,
Duncan Forbes.
James Forbes.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
128 [Situation] In the Central portion of the north part of Fossaway.
A Conical Shaped hill with mountain grass. it is on the farm of Wester Downhill
The hills may vary in height from about 1000 to 1500 feet above the level of the sea. One of them Called Easter Downhill presents a very pleasing appearance especially when viewed from the south or west. It is of a Conical Shape clothed with verdure to the top and skirted with natural wood around the base along which is a deep ravine, the Devon pursues its winding Course. At the bottom of this hill the bridge of St. Serf, on what was the road to Perth by Dunning till the present turnpike road was formed, less than 30 years, is still Standing though now much out of repair. The hill is of Considerable height, and the view from its Summit in clear weather is very extensive and varied. In repect of height and extent of prospect, it is however by Innerdownie which is the highest hill in the Parish and Commands, at once a view of the Forth and of the Tay.
New Stat. Acct. [New Statistical Account] of Perthshire

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[Page] 24
Ph [Parish] of Fossoway -- Sheet 128. No. 5 Trace 4

Note - entry for Ruins*
*Ruins merely to be written on Plan as James Forbes.
It was only a Cottar's house

Note - Downhill
The Stat. Acct. [Statostical Account] is wrong in
naming this Easter Downhill.
It is Simply Down Hill
There is no other hill of this name
in the parish or neighbourhood

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