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PRIEST'S CROFT Priests Croft
Priests Croft
Mr Thornton, Farmer Kirkton Mailer
Mr Lang. Kirktonorchard
098 [Situation] On the eastern side of Kirkton Mailer
A portion of a field east of Kirkton of Mailer. Supposed to have been the property of the Priest or Minister of the Chapel a short distance to the North from which it derives its name "Priest Croft" Mr Thornton of Kirkton informs me that that at the present day there is paid a certain tax to the College of St. Andrews from this portion of Land
Site of CHAPEL [Priest's Croft] Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Mr Thomson
Mr King
098 [Situation] At the NE. [North East] side of Kirkton of Mailer
A few large stones rough stones in the Kirkton Graveyard marKs the site of what was one time a Chapel. There is no tradition as far as I can learn respecting it in the Parish

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[Page] 10
Parish of Forteviot (Det [Detached] No2) -- Sheet 98 No. 13 Trace 5

[note] There is a place of worship at MacKarsey, and the
ruins of another at KirKton of Mailler, neither of which
has for a long time been frequented; but the burying-grounds
adjoining to them are occupied by the neighbourhood for
burying their dead. Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Vol. [Volume] 20 p [page] 121
[Signed] J. Cambell

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