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Sheet 109 No. 6 Trace 3 -- Parish of Forteviot

The Halyhill, as it commonly called, a small eminence at the west end of Forteviot, was once the
site of a royal residence, first it would appear of Pictish and afterwards of some
of the Scottish Kings. Here Kenneth II, having reigned in peace sixteen years after revenging the death
of his father Alpin whom the Picts beheaded, by exterminating that people and entirely subjugating
their territory died of a fistula. This place seems to have been a favourite residence of King
Malcolm Canmore and many charters are said to bear a date from it.
Old Stat. Acct. Vol. 20 p [Old Statistical Account volume 20 page 124]

There it is said was a residence of some of the Kings of the Picts in remote periods, and here King Kenneth
after the Pictish Kingdom was annihilated , departed this life, as thus narrated in the MSS. [Manuscripts] of Melrose
and Andreas Vintonius who wrote in the time of Robert Duke of Albany
"Primus in Albania fertur regnasse Kinedhus
"Filius Alpini praelid multa Gerens
"Expulsi Pictis regnaverat octo bis annis
"Atque Fortemet mortum ille fuit." See Sir James Dalrymple's Collect. p. [page] 90

Halyhill near the present church, but a great part of the Site of which is said to have been carried
off by the waters of Mey was the summer residence of Malcolm Canmore and others of the
Scottish Kings who granted many charters from this place. At certain distances from the palace
were erected large stones by way of pillars, as the Standing Stone of Bankhead and Cross of Dronachy. ibid

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