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close to the north side
of the garden wall is a
spot marked in the
maps "Burial ground
of the Oliphant Family" -
So far this was correct
that in 1856 the place was
adapted for burial and
a young child of the
family was interred there
in that year. But it
was never consecrated and
in 1872 I had the
old family burial ground
beside the parish Church
of Forgandenny entirely
taken up and vaulted so
that it could be used
for generations to come without

crowding and I have
the remains of the child
above mentioned removed
Consequently the place
in the Policies of Rossie
marked as a burial ground
is no longer such and
it may be as well to make
a note of this when any
correction of the Survey is
being made.
I am Sir's
Yours obediently
T.T. Oliphant

Messrs W & AK Johnston
St Andrews Square
P.S.. Curiously Enough
Mr Wood of Freeland
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