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Ardargie House
Alexander Simpson
George Lait
Mr Milne Binzian
Valn. [Valuation] Roll 1857-8
109 [Situation] In the west Side of the parish
A large & handsome dwelling house surrounded by well laid out Gardens & pleasure grounds, It is the property of Lord Duplin & occupied by Mr Lindsay
LINN OF MUCKERSIE Linn of Muckersie Alexander Simpson
George Lait
Mr Milne
109 [Situation] On the west boundary of the parish.
The name applied to a waterfall on the May about 60 feet high, the rocks are pendicular & edge the river some distance from the fall.
BINZIAN Binzian Mr Milne Occupier
Alexander Simpson
Mr George Lait
109 [Situation] In the west side of the parish
A small farm with suitable offices attached, the property of Mr Oliphant & occupied by Mr Milne

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Parish of Forgandenny -- Sheet 109 No. 11 Traces 3 & 6

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