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NORTH BANK North Bank Valuation Roll
Mr James Will
099 [Situation] At the northern side of the village

A Farmhouse with offices and a Farm of land attached, Situated in North Back Dykes, Occupied by James & Clementine Melville and the Property of Lady Henrietta Allen, Errol
HIGH STREET [Errol] High Street Mr James Will
Mr James Rollo
099 [Situation] Runs through the village from SW. [South West] to NE. [North East] end.

This is the Main Street and passed through the Village from the Turnpike Road at the West end to the Union Bank at the east end of the Village. -
CROSS [Errol] Cross Mr James Will
Mr James Rollo
099 [Situation] In the SW. [South West] side of the village

This name applies to an open space in the High Street where Gasworks Lane branches off, and where the Market was formerly held. I am told by Mr Will that there was never a Cross at this place, but is so Called from its Central position. -

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