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Duff - The son of Malcom l. hastened to wield the potent sword of Indulf
This short reign was much infested by civil discord. Culen, the son Indulf
seems to have been instigated by Doncha, the abbot of Dunkeld, the Saint Dunstan
of Scotland, to claim the sceptre of his father, contrary to the constitutional usage. The
competitors met at Druracrub, in Strathearn, the Duncrub of the present day. The
conflict was contested by a valorous people, with the usual fury of civil war. Duf had
the good fortune to vindicate, by his victory, the constitutional rule. Doncha, the abbot
and Dubdou, the Maormor of Athol, met the fate which their rashness merited yet this victory
seems not to have been decisive. The friends of the pretender, and the partizans of the abbot, were
still powerful enough to drive Duf from Forteviot into the north. And he was assassinated
on the classic ground of Forres in the year 965, after a troublous reign of four years and a half
* Chron, No. 3 in Innes: the Ulster Annals place this battle in 964 A.D.
Chalmers Caledonia, vol. [volume] I page 391

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