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Reference has been already made to the Chapel of Moncreiffe as constituting an appendage
to the Church of Dunbarney. it stood about 300 yards SE [South East] from the present mansion house. The
dilapidated ruins still exist though so deeply embossomed in wood that a Stranger might
be near it without being aware of its existence from the thick foliage of the trees and evergreen
by which it is surrounded. Bones occasionally dug up and other appearances as well as the uniform
voice of tradition concur in proving that the grounds encircling it was used as a Cemetery.
The interior of it is used as a burying place by the family of Moncreiffe where the ashes of
many successive generations repose. The walls of the edifice are nearly entire though
not a vestige of the roof remains. It is 30 feet long, 18 broad and the walls 10 feet
high. It has a north aisle containing a vault underneath and a small belfry at the
east gable the bell formally belonging to which is still in the house of Moncreiffe
This ancient and venerable pile is thickly overgrown with mantling ivy and has a
Solemn aspect suitable to the Spot where the bones of so many illustrious men mouldered
to decay. Douglas states in his Baronage that at so remote an era as 1357 Duncan
Moncreiffe of that Ilk and his lady were buried here. The families of the Moncreiffe
Tippermalach and the Moncrieffes of Kinmouth were at one time interred within the Same
Chapel. The remains of an edifice which constituted the residence of the latter family
may still be seen a little to the west of Easter Moncrieffe a part only the walls have
Survived the ravages of time.

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