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Remains of DRUIDICAL TEMPLE (Supposed) [Moncreiffe House] Druids Circle

Supposed Druidical Temple
Sir Thomas Moncreiffe
Mr Mackay Agent to Sir Thomas Moncrieffe
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
110 [Situation] In the northern portion of the parish and about ½ mile north of the Bridge of Earn village.
This Appellation is given to a Single Circle of Stones having all the appearance of having been what the name implies. the Circle Consists of Eight large boulders placed in an upright position on their ends; until the date of the birth of the present Sir Thomas Moncreiffe another large Stone Stood in the centre of the circle (probably the alter or Stone on which their sacrafices were offered up) this Stone was - at the time mentioned - removed and in its place was planted a Tree which Still grows there, when removing this Centre Stone some remains of Chared bones etc were dug up. I have been informed that this Circle formerly numbered 12 stones.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 29 Ph. [Parish] Dunbarney Sheet 110 No. 2 Trace 1

[Signed] Thoams Dudgeon Sergt. RE [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

A few hundred yards west from Moncreiffe House
on the north side of the avenue may be seen what
is supposed by some to be the vestiges of a small
Druidical Temple consisting of a circle of eleven rude
Stones of ten feet in diameter. In the centre of it is a
tree that was planted on the birthday of the present
possessor of Moncreiffe. New Stat Acct [Statistical Account] of Perthshire p. [page]. 810

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