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Mr. W Brown. P. [Parish] Schoolmaster
Map of Dunbarney Estate
Mr. Young, Quarry Hall
Valn. [Valuation] Roll 1857-8
110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish.
A farm Ho. [House] & offices, & Several Cotters houses nr. [near] Dunbarney Quarry. the buildings are in a decayed state. (on Dunbarney Estate)
DUNBARNEY QUARRY Dunbarney Quarry Mr. W. Brown. P. [Parish] Schoolmaster
Mr. Young. Quarry hall.
Dunbarney Estate Map.
110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish]
The remains of an extensive Quarry. About ¼ Mile S. [South] of Dunbarney Ho. [House] The stone appears to be almost worked out.
(On Dunbarney Estate)
GLENCAIRN COTTAGE Glencairn Cottage Mr. W. Brown
Mr. Hugh Tennant Jr. [Junior] Dunbarney Ho. [House]
Map of Dunbarney Estate
110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish.
A Small neat Ho. [House] in Wood. The residence of the Gardener belonging to Dunbarney Ho. [House] from which it is distant about ½ mile to the East.
CARMICHAEL COTTAGES Carmichael Cottages Mr. W. Brown
Rent receipt
James Peters, Carmichael Cottages.
110 Several neat Cottages, South side of Road, occupied by farm Labourers They are the property of John Grant Esq of Kilgraston.
This name applies also to a few of these cottages which appear on Trace No. 4 adjoining

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Sheet 110 No. 1 Trace 5

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