Perthshire volume 22

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OS1/25/22/1 [Page] 1 PARISH OF DRON (Detached) SHEET 109. No. 12. &. 16. SHEET 110. No. 5, 9, &. 13. INDEX Names Of Objects -- Pages Dron (Detached) -- 3 Covenanter's Grave (1645) -- 7 Deich Burn -- 9 Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel (Ruins Of) -- 5 Ecclesiamagirdle House -- 5 Glenearn -- 5 Glenearn House -- 6 Glenearn Hill -- 9 Glenearnhil -- 10 Hallburn Smithy -- 6 Hall Burn -- 9 Ochil Hills -- 10
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OS1/25/22/3 DRON (Detached) Part Of Dron Ph. [Parish] Part Of Dron Ph. [Parish] Part Of Dron Ph. [Parish] Stobie's Co. [County] map Johnston's Co. [County] map Fullarton's Gazetteer 109 ; 110 [Situation] In the SE [South East] portion of Perthshire This is a detached portion of the parish of Dron. Its figure is oblong lying nearly in a NE [North East] and SW. [South West] direction. It is isolated from the rest of the parish being surrounded by the parish of Dunbarney on the north and east and the parish of Forgandenny on the south and west. The whole of this district except a small portion belongs to the estate of Glenearn and on that account it is often referred to as a district by the name Glenearn but it is never Known as Eccesiamagirdle as stated in most of the published accounts. [continued on page 4]
OS1/25/22/3 [Page] 3 Parish of Dron (Detached] [Note] This detached portion lies about a mile west of the main body of the parish. OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]
OS1/25/22/4 DRON (Detached) (Continued) 109 ; 110 [continued from page 3] There have been in former times 2 small chapels in this parish. One of these which stood in the east corner of the parish is now totally in ruins no vestige of it remaining except some part of the foundation below ground and human skulls and bones which are sometimes dug up or discovered in the face of a bank where the soil is washed away by the impetuous torrents of the Farg on the verge of which it has stood just at the place where it issues from the mountains into the plain. The other is in the west end of the parish and still remains in a ruinous state the walls are tolerably entire with an enclosed burial ground around it which is still the place of interment for many families in the parish and neighbourhood. This part of the parish which is entirely separated from the rest by an interjacent part of the parish of Dunbarnie bears the name of Ecclesiamagirdle, the origin of which is uncertain, but probably has been given in honour of some saint; some explain it to signify "The Church of St. Magdalen". These chapels may probably have been places of worship erected for the conveniency of the religious in this corner who were dependent on the Abbey of Lindores. Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 9 p. [page] 481
OS1/25/22/4 [Page] 4 Parish of Dron (Detd) [Detached] -- Sheet 110 No. 5 Trace 4
OS1/25/22/5 ECCLESIAMAGIRDLE CHAPEL (Ruins of) Ecclesiamagirdle Ecclesiamagirdle Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel in Ruins Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel Captain Halkett Glenearn House William Murray Pitcaithly William Dow, Glenearn Morison's Map of Perthshire Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Goodall Mr. Martin. Schoolmaster 110 [Situation] In the north end of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] This name signifying "The Church of the Girdle" applies to a small Chapel on the Estate of Glenearn It is in a ruinous State the four walls alone remaining and is surrounded by a Graveyard, The name is supposed to have orriginated from the using of a Girdle instead of a Bell to call the people to worship.
OS1/25/22/5 ECCLESIAMAGIRDLE HOUSE Ecclesiamagirdle House Ecclesiamagirdle House Ecclesiamagirdle House Ecclesiamagirdle Captain HalKett, William Murray, William Dow, Morison's Map of Perthshire 110 [Situation] In the north end of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] This House which is situated close to the Chapel is also in a ruinous State, The date of its erection is supposed to have been the same as the Chapel in the year 1636. N.B. The date 1636 is evidently incorrect as applied to the old chapel as this was an appendage of Lindores Abbey - see extract in opposite page.
OS1/25/22/5 GLENEARN Glenearn Glenearn Glenearn Captain Halkett William Murray William Dow 110 [Situation] In the north end of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A commodious Farm House on the estate of Glenearn, It is the Property of Captain Hackett. Farmed by William Dow.
OS1/25/22/5 [Page] 5 Ph [Parish] of Dron (detd) [detached] -- Sheet 110 No 6 Trace 4
OS1/25/22/5 There is some confusion in Captain's surname - Halkett or Hackett. Elsewhere more clearly Hackett.
OS1/25/22/6 GLENEARN HOUSE Glenearn House Glenearn House Glenearn House Captain Halkett William Murray William Dow 110 [Situation] In the north end of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A small but Handsome dwelling House suitable Offices attached occupied by the Proprietor Captain Hackett.
OS1/25/22/6 HALLBURN SMITHY Hallburn Smithy Hallburn Smithy Hallburn Smithy William Murray David Low 110 [Situation] In the north end of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A small smith shop and dwelling house, occupied by David Low. The Property of Captain Hackett
OS1/25/22/6 [Page] 6 Parish of Dron (det) [detached] -- Sheet 110 No 5 Trace 5
OS1/25/22/7 COVENANTER'S GRAVE [Ecclesiamagirdle Chapel] Covenanters Grave William Dow. Farmer. Glenearn. Mr. Martin Schoolmaster Dron 110 [Situation] In the east side of the Grave yard of Ecclescamagirdle Chapel This name applies to a common flat gravestone in the old chapel yard at Ecclesiamagirdle; Tradition asserts that the "Martyr" Thomas Small was shot at the Deugh, a Kind of opening in the Ochills about ¼ mile west of the chapel yard. The shape of the stone with the inscription on it are shewn below. "Here lies one virtuous Husbandman Thomas Small who died for Religion, covenant King & Country The 1st Sept. [September] 1645 Aged 58. The letters T.S. & E.D. with the Kind of heart between them are supposed to be the Initials of the "Martyr" & his spouse.
OS1/25/22/7 [Page] 7 Ph [Parish] Dron. (Det.) [Detached] -- Sheet 110 No. 5. Trace 4. [Diagram/drawing of headstone with inscription:] HIR LYIS ANE VIR TOUS HUSBAND: MAN THOMAS SMAL WHO DIED FOR T [Heart symbol] W E [Heart symbol] D RELIGION COVENA NT KING AND CO UNTRIE THE 1 OF SEPTEMBER 1645 HIS AGE 58. MEMENTO MORI In the old churchyard at Ecclesiamagirdle there is the grave of a Covenanter Killed in these times New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire p. [page] 864 [Page signed] Thomas Dudgeon Sergt. R.E. [Sergeant Royal Engineers]
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OS1/25/22/9 GLENEARN HILL Glenearn Hill David Lowe William Milne Robert Law 110 [Situation] In the southern portion of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A large hill on the Estate of Glenearn the property of Captain Halkett
OS1/25/22/9 HALL BURN Hall Burn David Lowe William Milne Robert Law 110 [Situation] On the eastern Side of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A small stream rising on Glenearn Hill & flowing northwards forming the boundary of the Parish.
OS1/25/22/9 DEICH BURN Deich Burn David Lowe William Milne Robert Law 110 [Situation] On the western side of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A small stream rising on Glenearn Hill Farm & flowing northward forming part of the Western Boundary of the Parish
OS1/25/22/9 [Page] 9 Ph [Parish] of Dron (det) [detached] Sheet 110 No. 9 Traces 1 & 2
OS1/25/22/10 GLENEARNHILL Glenearnhill Glenearnhill Glenearnhill Captain Halkett Glenearn House David Low Glenearn House Mr. William Murray 110 [Situation] In the S W [South West] Side of of Dron (Detd.) [Detached] A small Farm steading situated on the eastern declivity of Glenearn Hill It is the Property of Captain Hackett and Farmed by Mr William Dow Glenearn
OS1/25/22/10 OCHIL HILLS Ochil Hills See Name Book parish of Forgandenny
OS1/25/22/10 [Page] 10 Ph [Parish] of Dron (det) [detached] -- Sheet 110 No 9 Trace 4 [Page signed] James Carpenter C.A. [Civilian Assistant] 30th Jany [January] 1860 C.N. Martin Capt R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers] 31st January 1860
OS1/25/22/11 [Page] 11 [Volume] 22 OS1/25/22 [Date Stamp] Ordnance Survey M.S. Store Southampton 28 Apr 1898 Co. [County] PERTH PARISH OF DRON (Detached) SHEET 109. No. 12. &. 16. SHEET 110. No. 5, 9, &. 13.