List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BURNSIDE Burnside James Wilson Burnside
Thomas Mackie Burnside
Mr William Murray
Morison's Co. [County] Map
110 [Situation] In the west side of the parish.
The name applied to a few houses on the farm of West Dron occupied by the farm servants.
GOWK'S DEN Gowks Den James Wilson
Mr William Murray
Forbes Gatheram
110 [Situation] In the west portion of the parish.
Gowk's Den is the name applied to a Wooded ravine on the farm of West Dron.
GOWK'S DEN BURN Gowk's Den Burn James Wilson
Mr William Murray
Thomas Mackie
110 [Situation] In the western portion of the parish.
A small stream rising on West Dron Hill, it flows northwards through the Gowk's Den from which it takes its name

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