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Site of CHAPEL AND GRAVE YARD [Pottie Mill] Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
David Ogilvy Pottie Mill
William Murray Pitcaithly
Mr. Chalmers Baiglie
110 ]Situation] Near Pottie Mill.
This applies to the place where an Old Chapel or place of worship once stood, there was a graveyard attached to the Chapel as from time to time human bones are dug up in the small garden attached to the dwelling house at Pottie Mill There are none who can remember of having seen any portions of the old Chapel standing and very little information can be derived concerning it
FARG WATER Farg Water See Name Sheets for Ph. [Parish] of Forgandenny

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Parish of Dron -- Sheet 110 No 11 Trace 5

As there appears to have been a Grave Yard attached
to this Chapel, the designation Site of Chapel and
Grave Yard had better be written on plan.

"There were in former times two small Chapels in this parish besides the parish Church. One
of these, which stood in the east corner of the parish at the mouth of Glenfarg where now
stands the mill of Pottie is now totally in ruins no vestiges of it remaining except some part
of the foundation below ground" New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 864

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