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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
EDMUND'S GRAVE (A CAIRN) Edmund's Grave John Thomson Newbigging
Mr Robert Martin
Rev. [Reverend] Charles Goodall
110 [Situation] On Balmanno Hill.
A small mound on Balmanno Hill where one of the Roman Generals in Agricola's time was buried. On a close inspection of this object it appears to be a cairn of loose stones partially overgrown with turf. It is situated near the summit of Balmanno Hll rather towards the E. [East] end.
RAM'S HEUGH Ram's Heugh John Clark Shepherd
James Heard Balmanno
Mr Robert Martin
110 [Situation] In the central portion of the parish.
A semicircular bank or precipice over which Dron Burn runs and which here forms a cascade of about 30 feet high.
WOOD BURN Wood Burn James Dowie Mundie
Mr Robert Martin
John Thomson
110 [Situation] In the western portion of the parish.
A small stream rising on Mundie Farm & flowing eastward till it joins Dron Burn above Dron Mill

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Ph. [Parish] of Dron -- Sheet 110 No. 10 Traces 6. 5. 1. 2 & 4

[Note above and below Edmund's Grave:]
On plan 110 No.14

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