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CISTERCIAN ABBEY (Ruin) [Coupar Angus] Coupar Angus Abbey (Ruins of) Mr Hawison, Coupar Angus
Dr [Doctor] Lawe
Sta. acct. [Statistical account] Perthshire
New Sta. acct. [Statistical account] Perthshire
Jervise's Memorials of Angus
064 These Remains are situated at the S.W. [South West] corner of the church yard in a small enclosure about 30 feet square It consists of a piece of rubble masonry about 6 ft by 13 ft & about 20 ft high covering a gothic arch about 5 ft high from the ground.
" The extent of the Abbey buildings may be guessed at but cannot be accurately defined. The only fragment now remaining is in the S.W. [South Western] corner of the churchyard. In 1780, a part of the Abbey consisting of an arch, of beautiful architecture, situated near the centre of the present church yard, was demolished for the purpose of furnishing stones for building the church. The northern wall of the oldest part of the present church rests on part of the foundation of what appears to have been the northern part of the Abbey"
" These are still visible at Coupar the vestiges of a Roman Camp said to have been formed by the army of [continued page 32]

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Sheet 48. No.2 Trace 1 -- Parish of Coupar Angus

Cupar was once the seat of a rich and flourishing
Abbey of Cistercian Monks founded in 1164 by Malcolm IV.
New S.A. [Statistical Account]

The Abbey in Cupar is said to have been one of three
religious houses which King Malcolm the Maiden founded in
Scotland during the Year 1164. The monks were Cistercians
known also as White Monks. Like all the houses of the
order it was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
Jervise's Memorials.

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