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[Continued] sunt." - (Tacitus de Moribus Germanorum, cap. [Chapter] 16.) The three skulls may have
belonged to the same family, who had met with a sudden or violent death. We could suppose
the infirm - probably the imbecile-child had been destroyed, and buried with its parents:
a barbarous custom by no means uncommon among rude savage races."
Notice of recent Excavatons in the Hill fort of Dunsinane Perthshire by T. A. Wise, M.D. [Medicinae Doctor] F.S.A. [Fellow of Society of Antiquaries] Scot. [Scotland] Page 93.
In possession of Mr. Stewart, Tailor, Kinrossie.

"The most noted remains of Antiquity, is Macbeth's Castle, on Dunsinane Hill, in the south east corner
of the parish. This remarkable hill is insulated, and of an oval form, with a flat verdant summit,
The ascent from the village of Collace, on the North west is gradual; and there some vestiges of a winding
road may still be traced. The area on which the fort stood, being 168 yards in length, 100 in
breadth near the east, and 55 near the west extremity, was anciently environed by a wall of stone,
without cement. The entrance into the fort was at the North east corner of the area, though no
trace of the fort now appears, yet is probably that the foundation is entire, as the building was
consumed by fire."
Chalmers Caledonia
After Macbeth's elevation to the throne he resided 10 years at Carnbeddie,
in St. Martins Ph [Parish] which the country people call Carnbeth or Macbeth's Castle, and where the
Vestiges of his are still to be seen. During these times witchcraft was very prevalent in Scotland,
and two of the most famous witches in the Kingdom lived on each hand of Macbeth, one at
Collace, the other not far from Dunsinane house at a place called the Cape." (The Cape is near Collace
not far from Dunsinane Hill) "The Moor where the witches met, which is in St. Martins Parish is yet pointed
out by the country people, and there is a stone still preserved, which is called the Witches Stone.

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