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MOSS OF ARDBLAIR Moss of Ardblair
Moss of Ardblair
Moss of Ardblair
Mr. Soutar Factor & Banker, Blairgowrie
Perthshire Constitutional Sept [September] 30th 1840
Fullarton's Gazetteer
063 A small tract of Rough pasture and marshy land, lying immediately south of Ardblair Castle
MOUND [Moss of Ardblair] Fort
Mr. Soutar
Mr. Neilson
063 A mound of earth evidently thrown up by art. Mr. Soutar believes it to be one of the ancient fortresses, and that a building of some description had been on it, but no traces of such can now be seen.
"About a mile from Blairgowrie you will perceive, a little to the left of the road, a green mound of a circular form, covered, and nearly concealed from view by a clump of dark, umbrageous, scotch firs. This mound is, you observe, bounded to the east and west by a morass; and the ground to the north and south, also, is of a wet and marshy character, bearing every appearance of having been, at no very remote period, entirely under water. Accordingly, we have a very distinct tradition that the Knoll was anciently completely insulated, and that it was crowned by one of those strongholds, of which there are many vestiges still to be seen throughout Scotland, erected for the security of the population of the surrounding district, and their cattle and substance, in those troublous times, when life and property were held by a much more insecure tenure than in our own "piping times of peace". The Mound still bears evident marks of having once sustained a building of some kind, altho' [although] even the foundations of it have now almost entirely disappeared"
Perthshire Constitutional September 30th. 1840

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[Note to Mound:]
"There are some remains of a building on a wooded Knoll near
Ardblair, about a mile west from the town. This Knoll according to
tradition was at one time surrounded with Water, a circumstance which is
partly corroborated by the nature & aspect of the surrounding ground which is low
flat & mossy & even to this day partially covered
with surface water in Winter."
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