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CHAPEL (Disused since 1745) [Gleneagles] Chapel Mr Robertson, teacher, Blackford
Mr John Patterson, Barns
Mr John Holly
118 A small building, with a graveyard attached, situated a short distance north of Glaneagles House. Divine Service has not been performed in this Chapel since the year 1745. The dedicatory name is not Known.
EAST MAINS OF GLENEAGLES East Mains of Gleneagles

East Mains of Gleneagles
Mr Robertson
Mr John Patterson
Mr John Holly
Valuation Roll for 1857-8
118 A farmsteading dwelling house and offices one storey slated, and in indifferent repair, the property of the Earl of Camperdown.

Gleneagles House
Gleneagles House
Mr Robertson
Mr John Holly
Mr John Miller, Blackford.
Valuation Roll for 1857
118 A plain building, two storeys, slated, with suitable offices &c. attached; the property of the Earl of Camperdown.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Blackford

Chapel [note] This chapel, and the one at Westmains of Tullybardine, (see page 49) both belong to the Established church since the Reformation.

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