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URN FOUND HERE Urn. (Found here)
Urn. (Found here)
Mr John Donaldson Kirkton
Mr William McLachlan. Westmuir.
117 This urn was found by Mr Donaldson, at the spot indicated by him, to me, and he says that it was a small one, containing Some black Substance, It was in the possession of the late Minister and stood in the hall at the manse, The position where this urn was found is about 6 chains north of Kirkton.
URN FOUND HERE [Drumlochey] Urn (Found here)
Urn (Found here)
Mr John Donaldson
Mr John McLaren (Drumlochey)
118 This Urn was found by Mr McLaren while ploughing, 2 years since, It contained a handful of Small human bones, and about a handful of Some white powder, which vanished when exposed to the air. It was about a foot in diameter at the mouth and eighteen inches deep, and is said to be the finest specimen found in this district, It is at present in the possession of Mr Drummond of Abercairney. The position where it was found is about 3 chains west of Drumlochey.

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