List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Peter Playfair Esqr. Pro. [Proprietor]
Mr. Ferrier Occr. [Occupier]
Charles Playfair Esqr.
New Stat [Statistical] Account.
064 A fine farm house having the steading & offices on the roadside a short distance to the south west. The property of Peter Playfair Esqr.
LAW [Knowhead] Law Hill
Law Hill
Law Hill
Peter Playfair Esqr.
Charles Playfair Esqr.
Rev. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Barty
064 A small hillock having the appearance of being formed by art. Its surface has been recently planted with Fir trees, and is the property of Peter Playfair Esqr. of Wester Bendochy. The Rev. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Barty believes it to be formed by art, and says that it is traditionaly handed down, as having been anciently a seat of justice for the district.
"There are two of those eminences, partly artificial, which are generally denominated Laws. One at Blacklaw, and another near the Bridge of Couttie. Some suppose, that in the olden time, they were seats of justice, whence law, rude & simple as themselves was despensed to the lieges. Other incline to the Oppinion that they were used as telegraphs and derive the name not from the Anglo-saxon hlawe (aggar) but from the Swedish loa or lue hence our low) a flame." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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[Additional quotation under Law:]
"Law, a designation given to many hills or mounts whether natural or artificial
hlaewe, hlawe, agger, acerous, cumulus, tumulus, a law, loo, or high ground
not suddenly rising up as a hill, but by little and little. Hence that name
given to many hillocks & heaps of earth to be found in all parts of the country
being no other but so much congested earth brought & in a way of burial used
of the ancients, thrown upon the bodies of the dead." Jamieson's Dictionary

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