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Red Brae
Red Brae
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Barty Ph. [Parish] Minister
George Kinloch Esqr. of Kinloch
James Whitson Esqr. of Isla Park
064 A steep bank on the east side of the River Isla. the name is well known - It is here where Dr. [Doctor] Barty supposes the Picts houses referred to in the Old Stat Acct [Statistical Account] were discovered.
Supposed Site of Several WEEMS [Mudhall] .
Supposed Site of Several Weems

Supposed Site of Several Weems
Supposed Site of Several Weems
Supposed Site of Several Weems
Old Statistical Account
Chalmer's Caledonia
New Stat, [Statistical] Account
Pennant's Tour of 1772
Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Barty Ph. [Parish] Minister
Wilson's Archaelogy p [page] 87.
064 “In digging the grounds of Mudhall several subterraneous buildings were uncovered, which when cleared of the Ashes and earth with which they were filled, were found to be about 6 ft [feet] wide within walls, 5 ft [feet] deep and 40 ft [feet] long or more, they were built in the sides and paved in the bottom with rough whin stones. In their length they were not straight but a portion of a Circle. It would seem they had been roofed with wood, and covered above with Earth & turf”
Old Stat [Statistical] Account
Every enquiry has been made concerning the above, also of the 2 circles mentioned by Pennant but no information can be gleaned, the history of them is not even known by the Proprietor or any of the oldest inhabitants of the locality except Dr. [Doctor] Barty who supposes them to have been discovered at the Red Brae, from the fact of his brother in Ruthven Ph. [Parish] discovering one of the same description in a bank of the Isla, near his Manse, about 2 years ago.

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“2 miles north of Coupar Angus, near a small village
called Coupar Grange, on a gentle eminence, was
lately discovered a repository of the Ashes of sacrifices
which our ancestors were wont to offer up, in honour of
their Deities. It is a large space, of a circular form, fenced
with a wall on either side & paved at bottom with flags.
The walls are 5 feet in height, & built with coarse stone. They
form an outer & inner circle, distant from each other 9 feet.
The diameter of the inner circle is 60 feet; and the area of it is
of a piece with the circumjacent soil. But the space between
the walls is filled with the ashes of wood, particularly oak
& with the bones of various species of animals. The top of the
walls & ashes is near 2 feet below the surface of the field. The
entry is from the N.W. [North West] & about 10 or 12 feet in breadth
Another repository of the same kind & dimension was
some months ago discovered at the distance of 300 paces from the former”
Pennant’s Tour of 1772.

“There is no traces of the
subterranean buildings at
Mudhall described as Pictish
dwellings, and which it is remarked
answered to Tacitus’ description
of the buildings of the Germans.”
New Stat [Statistical] Account

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