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West Eind

Wester Eind
Mr. Mailer Proprietor
Mr. Halden.
Mr. Sheddan (Pothill)
Valuation Roll for 1857-8
118 A two storey farm house with office houses, all Slated and in good repair.
Property of Mr. Mailer, West Eind, Nr. [Near] Auchterarder
ROMAN OUTPOST (Remains of) [Ogle Hill] Roman Outpost (Remains of) Mr. Halden
Mr. Smeaton.
Mr. Mailer
Mr. Sheddan, Lochie
Mr. Sheddan, Pothill.
118 This is the remains of a Roman or Pictish camp, situated on the summit of Ogle Hill. The most part of this camp is entirely defaced. The south-eastern part of it is the most complete - one part of the embankments -- about five feet in height. It appears to have been of a form approximate to the oval. Mr. Halden is of opinion that this is a Pictish camp. The remainder of the authorities agree in calling it a Roman camp.

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Perthshire Ph. [Parish] of Auchterarder. 25 Inch sheet 118, plan 7

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