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The Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Stewart
Mr. Jolly Factor
Mr. Murray
Old Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
130 A small circle of stones with a large one in the centre. The Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Stewart and Mr. Jolly, believes it to be a relic of Druidism. The stones which its consists of are not very large, and are mostly sunk into the ground, or covered with earth corresponding to the description given in the Old Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] which is as follows - "On a rising ground in the neighbourhood of the Manse, and facing the south, there is a circle of stones which there is room to believe, to be a relic of Druidism. It consists of 10 large stones placed circularly with a large one in the middle. The seem to have stood originally on one end, but have now fallen, and are partly sunk into the earth. From this circumstance it seems to be that the Highlanders, when speaking of the Kirk of Aberfoyle, uniformly make use of the term Clachan i.e. the circle of stones."

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Clachan of Aberfoyle. Essay by Dr. [Doctor] Graham 1807.
Clachan - a circle of Stones Gaelic Dicy. [Dictionary]

Mr. Stewart informs me that this
object has long been considered an
artificial, religious, remain -
otherwise it does not evidence much
the character of a Stone Circle - there
are numerous scattered boulders in
the immediate vicinity, and where the
rocks outcrops, which detract from
the probability of this being artificial.
[Initialled] JB
Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

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