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"On the oposite side of the Tweed and close by the road leading from the
Church to Menzion House there are the remains of a Druidical Temple or
Parish Church of Justice. Only one stone is left of a number of Similar in appearance
and size which together and which have been removed for the purpose of dike-
building etc. It is called the Standing Stone and is 5 feet above the surface
of the earth. From behind it a person of diminutive Stature Known by
the name of Little John discharged an arrow at the head of a freebooter of
formidable dimensions who greatly annoyed the peaceful inhabitants and
who though on the opposite Side of the Tweed was unable to elude the deadly
stroke. A Tumulus at the spot where he fell is still pointed out as the giant's grave
and certain is it that sixteen years ago a labourer in removing the stones of
a cairn at the spot found the grave of some ancient hero. The Sides of it says the
then late incumbent of this parish, were all regularly lined with smooth thin Stones
and the top well covered with a large flag of full length. Fragments of an urn of
strong earthern-ware were found within, a piece of which was brought to the minister
at the time "- - New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Peebleshire page 63.

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