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019 ; 020 ; 023 ; 024 ; 026 ; 027 Situation - In the Southern Portion of this County
A Parish in the County of Peebles bounded on the North by Drummelzier, on the East by a detached Portion of Lyne formally called Megget; On the West by Lanarkshire And in the South by Dumfrieshire, its superficial Area is about 33,380 Acres Scotch Measure. The River Tweed has its Source in the extreme South West Corner of the parish and becomes a tolerable large river ere it leaves it on its way to the Ocean, from the Numerous Small tributery streams which join it.
The Turnpike Road from Edinburgh to Moffat passes through it from the North to South - Near the Top of Broadlaw Hill, there is a Remarkable fine perennial spring called "Geddes Spring" and from the Hartfell Spa at the South Skirt of the Mountain, Chalybeate Waters are found and transported to many places for the cure of Ulcerous disorders - There is no detached Parish or part therof in this Parish or is there any detached portionof this Parish in any other Parish.

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Parish of Tweedsmuir

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