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GIANT'S GRAVE (Supposed Tumulus) Giants Grave
Giants Grave
John Brown Schoolmaster
Tweedie McGarth Bield.
019 [Situation] About ½ Mile S.W. [South West] of Oliver.
A small Knowe called the 'Giants Grave said to have been the the burial place of one of these heroes of Romance who lived by plunder and robery, spreading terror amongst the inhabitants but who by being too pressing in his contributions is supposed to have been shot by "Little John from behind a large stone standing on the opposite side of the Tweed. It is said in the locality that bones were found in it but the times no person can tell . There stood a Cairn on the top of this Grave.

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Parish of Tweedsmuir Sheet 19 No. 16 Trace 4

On the west side of the Tweed is a tumulus
of earth Called the Giants Grave said to have been
the burial place of one of the heroes of Romance
whose gigantic Stature intimidated weak minds
to obedience and a belief of his being preternatural.
This free booter being thought to a [urgent] in his Contributions
was shot in ambush by a Little John -
Armtrong's Companion p104

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