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FORT (Remains of ['Roman Camp'-Castle Knowe] Roman Camp
Roman Camp
Roman Camp
Roman Camp
Cardrona Gardener
Mr Tod's Shepherd on Cardrona Mains
Henry Stenhouse Teacher Kailsie
Mr Robertson occupier of Cardrona House
013 The remains of what is said to have been a Roman Camp. Placed on the top of a hill rising South of Cardrona House and commanding a fine view of the Valley of the Tweed. There are several places in Peebles-shire of a similar appearance and Carlisle, in his Topl [Topographical] Description, thinks they may have been only Chesters or Cattle Keeps. Chalmers in his Caledonia holds them to be British forts and, in a note, says that Gordon in his Itinerary refutes the notion of these and other British forts, in that part of the country, being Roman; because they are of a round or oval form, and not rectangular; and have not the elegancy of workmanship which characterize the Roman labours.

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Parish of Traquair (Detached)

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Situation - Roman Camp - About ½ mile South of Cardrona House on the boundary between Yarrow and Traquair (detached)

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