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SCOTS MILL (Corn) Scots Mill (Corn)
Scots Mill (Corn)
Scots Mill (Corn)
Scots Mill (Corn)
Scots Mill (Corn)
Mr. W. Pagan, Tenant
Mr W Blackwood Peebles
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013 [Situation] About ⅝ of a Mile N.W. [North West] from Kailzie.
A corn and barley Mill on the South bank of the river Tweed west of Dog Craig. It is very old and is supposed to have been in existence during the persecutions in Scotland. Oats & barley, but no wheat, are ground in it. Proprietor J. Giles Esqr Kailzie: occupant Mr. W. Pagan.
Dog Craig
James Tinlin Kailziebank
Mr W. Pagan, Scots Mill
013 [Situation] About ½ Mile NW. [North West] from Kailzie.
A small ledge of rock on the South Side of the River Tweed opposite Kailziebank. It is only a few feet high And there is nothing remarkable in its appearance. Origin of Name Unknown.
CASTLE POOL Castle Pool See Name Sheets 13 No. 11 Ph. [Parish] of Innerleithen
Craiglands Plantation
Craiglands Plantation
J. Tinlan Kailziebank
W. Pagan, Scots Mill
013 [Situation] South of Kailzie Home Farm.
Applied to a small plantation immediately South of Kailzie Home Farm.

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